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El Hoyo Sunrise


Enjoy magical views at El Hoyo!

Rise and shine - the breathtaking sunrise from El Hoyo with stunning views over Momotombo and Lake Managua is worth getting up early for. Make your way up to the mysterious sinkhole that this volcano owes its name to, and discover the flora and fauna of El Hoyo's blooming crater. 

02:30 -10:00


Difficulty: Moderate


Includes: Transport + English-speaking guide + Snacks + T-Shirt + Breakfast + Drink (Entrance fee not included). 


Please bring: Hiking boots / walking shoes + 4L water + Hat + Sunscreen + Sunglasses

For those who are a little more adventurous - and would like to see not just the sunrise, but also the sunset - we offer CAMPING at El Hoyo too!

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