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Telica Camping


Camp at Nicaragua's most active Volcano!

Admire the smokes coming from inside the crater of one of Nicaragua's oldest and most active volcanoes, and appreciate the gorgeous view of the region's line of volcanoes from its top, as well as a magnificent sunset. Set up camp next to the active crater, where you enjoy dinner and some roasted marshmallows by the campfire. Wake up to see the sunrise over Momotombo.    

10:00 - 10:00 the next day | Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday*


Difficulty: Moderate


Includes: Transport + Entrance fee + English-speaking guide + Camping equipment + Snacks + T-Shirt + Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast + Drink


Please bring: Hiking boots / walking shoes + 6L water + Hat + Sunscreen + Sunglasses + Bandana + Repellent + Extra clothes + Flashlight

* Every other day is $15 extra per person, with a minimum of 2 persons

Would you rather go camping at El Hoyo? We got you! 

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